Do you need and electrician?  AMP not only provide all your Security and Fire System needs, and can also provide a wide range of electrical services to suit your requirements.  Our Technicians have a large range of qualifications and experience, with a focus on quality and value for money service.  Of course all our electrical issues with Security and Fire Systems are handled in house by our licensed Technicians, so no need to have to find someone else, just one phone call and we can sort out the lot.
With our in house experience and extensive networks, any issues can be sorted effectively to have your business or equipment continue to be productive no matter what industry or area you are in.  Our collective experience and knowledge covers everything from Large Industrial & Mining sites to Residential domestic properties and everything in between, including Commercial Shops and Rural applications.  Combine this with our passion for anything remotely electrical and electronic and no issue or problem will go unchallenged or unsolved.
So if you need an electrician with reliable, quality and value for money service, call our friendly team today.